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Diane Brinson, District Administrator
Archived 10/11/2011

District Office Changes

  Diane Brinson
  District Administrator

Last fall I reported on some changes in the district office, noting that we were a staff of five; and that congregations could borrow materials, at no charge, from the Dorothy Spoerl Resource Library. We also launched a new website, and expanded and refined our electronic opportunities. As part of the UUA’s Pacific Western Region, we are now expanding our webinar lineup to include a larger variety of easily-accessible trainings. And have you discovered our new News link?


More changes are afoot for the Dorothy Spoerl Resource Library. With the introduction of the UUA’s Tapestry of Faith all-ages program, many of our resources are no longer relevant; OWL (Our Whole Lives sexuality program) is always popular, but congregations are urged to own copies of the curricula; and lastly, this past church year only four congregations borrowed a total of six items from the resource library. Effective this church year, the district will no longer maintain a resource library. We encourage congregations to consult the excellent UUA Religious Education website as a first step in searching for life-long learning resources.


And our staff has doubled since last fall’s district office update:


Susan Hill serves as the Program Assistant to the PNWD Chalice Lighter program. Susan began as our Chalice Lighter volunteer over two years ago and naturally progressed into the staff role in January. She processes the Chalice Lighter contributions, maintains the extensive database, and generates program data. Her office schedule fluctuates with the three Chalice Lighter calls throughout the church year.


We now have a bookkeeping staff of two! We have recently contracted with Leif Pedersen for our accounting services. Leif is generally in the office two days each week and manages the district’s bookkeeping and financial records.


Bookkeeping Assistant, Mary Johnson, (left) joined us in January and stays on top of the accounts receivable and accounts payable. Mary is generally in the office on Mondays and Thursdays.


Our Training Coordinator, Lori Ragona, (right) hit the ground running in July. She works with presenters to set up training events and webinars. Lori works about 8-10 hours per week from her home office. If you know of a training opportunity that you would like the district to consider, please be in touch with Lori.


In July we also welcomed Nick Fusaro as our Communications Assistant. Nick updates the PNWD Facebook page and also manages other communication-oriented projects. Nick begins his freshman year this fall at Western Washington University, and is able to devote several hours each week to the work of the district.


The rest of the names may be familiar to you.


Janis Anable (left) has been with the district since 2008 and serves as our District Registrar. She manages event registrations and oversees our database design. Janis works mostly out of her home office two days each week, but comes into the office when event registrations are active.


The Rev. Sarah Schurr (right) wins the multiple-hats award as our Developmental Outreach Minister. Sarah lives in Portland and began serving last year as quarter-time minister to two congregations in Alaska: the UU Fellowship of Fairbanks and Juneau UU Fellowship. This year she is also serving quarter-time as Consulting Minister to the West Hills UU Fellowship in Portland, and also works quarter-time for PNWD, primarily as staff support to the 2012 District Assembly in Anchorage.


Tandi Rogers, (left) who joined the district in 2002 as Program Specialist, has dual roles again this year. Tandi serves as half-time Growth Strategy Specialist for the UUA's new Office of Strategic Growth and continues half-time as PNWD Program Specialist. Tandi works directly with congregations and also supports and arranges additional services through district consultants.

As our District Executive, Janine Larsen (right) oversees everything! She works directly with congregational leaders and clergy; and Janine, too, has a team of district consultants with whom she works to arrange services for our congregations. Janine just celebrated her seventh anniversary as our District Executive.


I am delighted to be starting my 18th year as your District Administrator. If you have questions about district services and aren’t sure where to turn, send me an email or call the office (425-957-9116) and I’ll try to steer you in the right direction!


I hope your new church year gets off to a great start!


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