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Greetings to PNWD Congregations from Newly Assigned "Primary Contacts" on UUA Pacific Western Region Staff

By the Congregational Life Staff, UUA Pacific Western Region

As you enjoy fall In-Gatherings and prepare for another dynamic church year, your entire Pacific Western Region (PWR) Congregational Life Staff is cheering you on!

We are pleased to be working as a regional team to offer the broadest possible knowledge and skills base for all our congregations. We also recognize that one-on-one relationship is a big help when you need support or have a quick question. So, we have identified a primary staff contact for each congregation in the region.

Congregational leaders (Minister, President/ Moderator and Director of Religious Education) received a message in late August from their assigned primary contacts, and each district directory of congregations now incudes the assigned staff member's name with congregational information. (Find your congregation and its Regional Staff Contact on PNWD's on-line directory for AK, ID, OR and WA.)

We look forward to working with you as your local UUA staff contacts and advocates. In some cases, we will be able to help you on the spot. Depending on the need, we can arrange for a colleague to explore your specific concerns, offering you access to the various strengths and interests of our full staff in addressing the depth of congregational life and development. Don’t worry if your "Regional Staff Contact" or any of the other staff are new to you or if we are not close geographically. All of us are confident that just as our regional motto proclaims, our Big Faith holds us all, with No Borders to limit us. Whether you need a phone conversation, a video call, a workshop, webinar or on-site consultation, we are committed to responding quickly and appropriately.

Four of our seven "Generalists" on the Pacific Western Region staff are assigned to congregations in the Pacific Northwest District. They are: 

Rev. Nancy Bowen, Congregational Life Staff, UUA Pacific Western Region

Nancy is a birthright Unitarian Universalist, raised in All Souls Church in Tulsa, OK.  She finally acknowledged a call to ministry after declining to answer several times. A graduate of Smith College and Yale Divinity School, Nancy holds fellowship as a community minister – meaning that her service to our movement is not as a congregational minister but in larger settings, such as the Pacific Western Region. She served as District Executive in the Mountain Desert District for 71/2  years and has been Pacific Western Region Lead since 2013. Nancy is married to the Rev. Howell K. Lind, interim minister at Foothills Unitarian Church in Fort Collins, CO. They make their home in Denver, CO, and are the proud parents of four young adult daughters spread across the country. Nancy may be reached at


Rev. Jeanelyse Doran Adams, Congregational Life Staff, UUA Pacific Western Region

Jeanelyse committed to Unitarian Universalism after exploring world religions, metaphysics, Taoism and reclaiming her Christian roots. She delights in interfaith service and dialogue and is committed to building Beloved Community. A graduate of Starr King School for the Ministry, Jeanelyse is dedicated to personal and social transformation manifested through engaged-faith practices and covenants that inspire missions of love and justice. She serves Unitarian Universalism and liberal religion in throughout the Region, and lives in northern California. Jeanelyse is an amateur gardener, is awed by nature and is married to Bob Adams, educator and UU lay-leader. Together, they enjoy four adult children, a teenage grandson and a rescue dog named Lady Jane. Jeanelyse may be reached at


Rev. Deborah Holder, Congregational Life Staff, UUA Pacific Western Region
As Minister of Beloved Community, Deborah serves Unitarian Universalism throughout the region, living in western Colorado. Deborah embraced Unitarian Universalism twenty five years ago as a community organizer in need of a spiritual home. Before entering professional ministry, she served as a program officer for the UU Veatch Program at Shelter Rock piloting congregation-based learning communities focused on strengthening UU social justice ministry. In collaboration with UU religious leaders and veteran activists, she helps nurture internally strong and externally focused congregations through a restorative, healing justice paradigm that’s life-enriching, courageous, and appropriately grounded in a religious vision of building Beloved Community. Deborah may be reached at
Janine Larsen, Congregational Life Staff, UUA Pacific Western Region
Janine began serving the UUA in 2004 as District Executive in the Pacific Northwest, following a career in nonprofit organization management and as a consultant to philanthropists. She is a lay leader, and is a member and past president of the Woodinville UU Church near Seattle. Janine has a particular interest in helping leaders assess and improve vitality, church systems, governance and leadership development. She is most passionate about helping congregations through Ministerial Transitions, and supporting the work of conflict engagement, healthy communications and religious relationship. Janine, her spouse and their young adult daughter and son are all Seattle natives still living in the Northwest. Janine practices Zen Buddhism which helps her stay balanced and enjoy golf with the benefit of a high handicap. Janine may be reached at


All of us on regional staff hope you will get to know every one of us over time. To find out more about the rest of the Pacific Western Region Congregational Life Staff, visit the “About Us” page at our regional website, And have a great year!

Yours in our UU faith,

Your Congregational Life Staff Generalists:                And Specialists:

Rev. Nancy Bowen, Regional Lead                               Eric Bliss, Youth Ministry
Rev. Dr. Ken Brown                                                     Lori Ragona, Training &Communications
Rev. Jan Christian                                                                    
Rev. Jeanelyse Doran Adams
Rev. Deborah Holder
Rev. Dr. Jonipher Kwong
Janine Larsen
Congregational Life Staff, Pacific Western Region  |  |  Twitter  |  Facebook


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