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The Only Constant - Change!
Diane Brinson, District Administrator
Archived 12/2/2010

For years this single-panel comic hung over my computer: “E-mail is for people who thought answering machines and memos weren’t annoying enough.” It just screams mid-90’s, doesn't it?

In 1994 when I joined the PNWD staff, our “new” technology included a toll-free number, voice mail, a finicky fax machine, one computer, and a laser printer (that we used for the next 13 years!). When email and websites came along, we led the way among the UUA districts. For several years we have been offering online event registration and payment, as well as online Chalice Lighter enrollment and donations. Congregations now certify their District Assembly delegates electronically, and submit electronic district dues pledge forms. You can take a webinar from the comfort of your own computer, and you can access full details about district events at our online calendar.

The general appearance of our new website should be familiar to you. We are the association of Unitarian Universalist congregations in the Pacific Northwest and hope our site triggers easy identification with the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations. Take it for a spin -- and thank you for bearing with us as we work out the inevitable kinks.

The website and leaves aren’t the only things changing around here this fall! Mary Marsh, our web manager for the past five years, completed her nursing degree this summer and has left us to work as an RN. Mary started with PNWD in 2002 and served in many roles before assuming primary web responsibilities. We will miss her and wish her all the best.

Your office staff now consists of Janis Anable and me. As our part-time Administrative Coordinator, Janis serves as bookkeeper, events registrar and Chalice Lighter donor administrator. In addition to my role as your District Administrator, I have also assumed website management and administration of the resource library.

The Rev. Sarah Schurr has joined the staff during her year-long role as Developmental/Outreach Minister for Alaska. She is currently serving the Juneau UU Fellowship in a quarter-time position, dividing her time between Alaska and her home in Portland.

Janine Larsen and Tandi Rogers continue as your District Executive and Program Specialist. Both work out of their home offices and travel throughout the district offering workshops, trainings and consultation. Janine and Tandi work directly with congregations and also provide services through their teams of consultants. From November 2010 through June 2011, Tandi will be serving the district on a reduced schedule while she fills the part-time role of Interim Director of the UUA office for Youth and Young Adult Ministries. During this time we will see an expansion of support to PNWD congregations through our consulting teams, as well as through shared services of staff in neighboring districts.  

There are also some changes to the Dorothy Spoerl Resource Library. The inventory now consists primarily of curricula and congregational leadership resources. And new this fall, the library resources are available to our congregations at no charge! A current database is not yet accessible online, but let us know if you need something and we will check its availability.

And that comic deriding email? It's gone.

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