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Governance: Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 
The UUA is governed by a board consisting of trustees selected by the nineteen districts and at-large trustees elected by delegates to the UUA General Assembly.
Every four years the PNWD elects a trustee to the UUA board. The election process is set forth in the PNWD Bylaws, Article X1.
The Rev. Elizabeth Greene, minister of our Boise UU Fellowship, was elected to her second term in 2009. If you have questions about UUA governance, UUA board actions or would simply like to contact our UUA trustee, please email the Rev. Elizabeth Greene.
The UUA Board of Trustees is currently considering comprehensive reform of the governance of the UUA, including the size of the Board. This would have implications for district election of trustees. For a summary, see the UU World article, "UUA Board Vows to Transform Governance" (February 15, 2010).
For more information on UUA governance, visit the Board of Trustees page.

You may also find the UUA bylaws on their website.
Rev. Elizabeth Greene, PNWD's UUA Trustee




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