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Governance: Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 
The Pacific Northwest District is recognized by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) as an independent, affiliated organization. The two entities have different governance structures.
The UUA is governed by a board consisting of eleven at-large Trustees, the UUA Moderator and the UUA Financial Advisor, all of whom are elected by delegates to the UUA General Assembly. The UUA President, also elected by delegates to General Assembly, sits on the UUA Board of Trustees without vote.
Trustees-at-large and the Financial Advisor are elected to a three year terms which may be renewed once. The UUA President and the Moderator are elected to single terms of six years.
Candidates for UUA Board of Trustees and Financial Advisor are nominated by the UUA Nominating Committee (elected by delegates to General Assembly).  The elected Board of Trustees nominates one or more candidates for Moderator. A Presidential Search Committee, elected by delegates to General Assembly, nominates at least two candidates for UUA President.
The election process is set forth in the PNWD Bylaws, Article IX. Specific information on elected Officers (President, Moderator and Financial Advisor) can be found here. Positions up for election at General Assembly 2014 may be found here.
For more information on UUA governance, visit the Board of Trustees pageYou may also find the UUA bylaws on the UUA website.
Various Committees of the UUA and its Board of Trustees are made up of volunteers (lay and clergy) from around the UUA and assist the Association and the Board of Trustees as assigned.
Jim Key
 Jim Key, UUA Moderator
Larry Ladd, UUA Financial Advisor
Rev. Peter Morales, UUA President 
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