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Big changes are afoot in our Association!
Rev. Elizabeth Greene
PNWD Trustee to UUA Board
Archived 4/1/2010
As long as I have been on the UUA Board—nearing the end of five years—we have worked toward better serving congregations and growing our liberal, embracing religion. On my watch, we have changed our entire governance structure, and examined just about everything we do (or don’t do).

President Peter Morales has turned up the heat. He is calling us—vigorously and passionately—to make Unitarian Universalism the religion it can be. We on the UUA Board are very energized, and are thinking and acting as creatively as possible.

On February 4, we held a conference-call meeting (attended by a lot of “observers,” who listened most carefully). Our agenda was to discuss:

…the governance of the Association and the Board’s desire to clarify roles, engage democratic participation, align the movement around clear, common goals and values and the need to work in accountable partnership with member congregations.

A historically-significant motion emerged from that meeting, and I encourage you to go to the minutes to read the entire motion.

In the meantime, let me tell you what may leap out at you:

working with congregational delegates at General Assemblies in 2011 and 2012 to amend the UUA by-laws to significantly reduce the size of the UUA Board;

“Reduce the size of the Board”?!? What does that mean? Questions fall all over themselves: What will the actual size be? How will trustees be elected? How can the Board’s work get done if it is only half its size, or less?

For us, here in the most-excellent PNWD, probably our biggest question is: What is the significance of this for districts? Specifically, will we be affected?

Well, everyone has the same questions, and we are only beginning to understand the issues involved. Those of us working on this just don’t know how it is all going to be sorted out; and everyone is working with good hearts and generous spirits.

Honest to gosh, no decisions have been made about the “hows,” and many conversations are afoot.

If you have ideas, you can email me, Moderator Gini Courter, or President Peter Morales.

Maybe most importantly, this is a very good year to attend General Assembly (Minneapolis, June 23-27). If you can’t go, make it your business to see that your church sends informed, enthusiastic, open-minded and creative delegates.

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