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Eric Bliss, Youth Ministry Specialist, UUA Pacific Western Region
Archived 9/12/2015
Janine Larsen, Congregational Life Staff, UUA Pacific Western Region
Archived 8/11/2015
Archived 7/1/2015
Archived 6/16/2015
Ken Wheeler
PNWD GA Coordinator
Archived 3/27/2015
James Griner, Interim Youth Ministry Specialist
UUA Pacific Western Region 
A revised version (2/25/15) of this article, as written for Mountain Desert District, is posted here.
Archived 2/25/2015
Janine Larsen
Congregational Life Staff
UUA Pacific Western Region
Archived 2/2/2015
The Rev. Jeanelyse Doran Adams, Congregational Life Staff
UUA Pacific Western Region 
Archived 12/22/2014
The Board of Directors,
UUA Pacific Northwest District
Archived 11/7/2014
Lori Ragona, Training & Communications Specialist - UUA Pacific Western Region
Archived 9/30/2014
Diane Brinson, District Administrator
UUA Pacific Northwest District
Archived 8/29/2014
Archived 7/22/2014
Archived 7/2/2014
Archived 6/4/2014
Archived 4/19/2014
Rev. Dr. Thandeka
Presenter, 2014 Pacific Northwest District Assembly
Archived 3/19/2014
The Rev. Peter Morales, President, Unitarian Universalist Association
Archived 1/12/2014
Rev. Elizabeth Greene, Minister Emerita, Boise UU Fellowship
UUA Trustee, 2005 - 2013 
Archived 1/1/2014
Janine Larsen
District Executive
UUA Pacific Northwest
Archived 12/10/2013
Rev. Tandi Rogers
Growth Strategies Specialist
Unitarian Universalist Association
Archived 11/27/2013
Rev. Lois E. Van Leer
Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church
Archived 11/11/2013
Peter Henrickson, UUA Compensation Consultant,
for PNWD and the Pacific Western Region
Archived 10/2/2013
Compiled by Janine Larsen, from various sources on the UUA website (
Archived 10/1/2013
Jennica Davis is the Youth Ministry Specialist for the UUA in the Pacific Northwest and Mountain Desert Districts. She is available to consult with PNWD and MDD congregations to help build vibrant youth ministry programs. Jennica also oversees Youth Con programming in both districts, as well as Goldmine Youth Leadership School in PNWD and QUUest Camp in  MDD. She lives in Salt Lake City, UT.
Archived 9/6/2013
Taquiena Boston

Director, Multicultural Growth & Witness
Unitarian Universalist Association

Archived 8/2/2013
by the Rev. Nancy Bowen
Academic Dean, Russell Lockwood Leadership School
Nancy is also District Executive for the UUA Mountain Desert and Staff Lead, UUA Pacific Western Region
Archived 7/17/2013
Janine Larsen, Pacific Northwest District Executive, and Diane Brinson, Pacific Northwest District Administrator
Archived 6/4/2013
Janine Larsen, Pacific Northwest District Executive
Archived 4/29/2013
Janine Larsen, District Executive, UUA Pacific Northwest
Archived 4/23/2013
Elton Hall, District President
Archived 4/19/2013
Janine Larsen, District Executive
Archived 3/11/2013
Barbara Cornell, M.Div
Archived 2/11/2013
Barbara Cornell, M.Div.
Member, PNWD Addictions Ministry Project
Co-chair, Shoreline UU Church Addictions and Recovery Ministry Team
Archived 1/31/2013
Rev. Dr. Peter J. Luton, Senior Minister
East Shore Unitarian Church (Bellevue, WA)
Archived 1/8/2013
Rev. William Sinkford
Senior Minister, First Unitarian Church, Portland, OR
Archived 1/1/2013
Janine Larsen, District Executive
Archived 12/4/2012
Diane Brinson, District Administrator
Archived 11/20/2012
Mary Gleason, UUA Stewardship Consultant
Archived 10/30/2012
Janine Larsen, District Executive
Archived 9/15/2012
Rev. Lois E. Van Leer, Minister
Woodinville UU Church (WA)
Archived 8/9/2012
Diane Brinson
District Administrator
Archived 6/4/2012
Janine Larsen, District Executive
Archived 5/7/2012
2012 District Assembly Planning Committee
Anchorage, AK
Archived 4/10/2012
Rev. Deborah Holder
Minister of Beloved Community Formation
Mountain Desert District - UUA
Archived 3/6/2012
Ward Ramsdell, a third-generation UU, grew up in the New Hampshire/Vermont District where he attended youth conferences throughout high school. He has been an active sponsor in the PNWD for the last 11 years. Ward is a member of our congregation in Hillsboro, Oregon, the UU Community Church of Washington County. 
Archived 2/3/2012
UUA President
Archived 1/3/2012
Rev. Jon M. Luopa, University Unitarian Church (Seattle, WA)
Archived 12/19/2011
Tandi Rogers
Program Specialist
Archived 12/1/2011
Diane Brinson, District Administrator
Archived 10/11/2011
Archived 10/11/2011

Elton Hall, PNWD President

Archived 9/2/2011
PNWD staff: Summary of local honors and delegate actions at UUA General Assembly 2011, Charlotte NC
Archived 7/16/2011
PNWD Board of Directors
Archived 6/29/2011
Paul Blackburn, APF Chair
Archived 5/16/2011
Chris Conkling, Youth Programs Coordinator
East Shore Unitarian Church, Bellevue, WA
Archived 3/29/2011
Diane Brinson, District Administrator
Archived 2/15/2011
Janine Larsen, District Executive
Archived 2/9/2011
Rev. Kate Lore, Social Justice Minister
First Unitarian Church of Portland
Archived 1/6/2011
Diane Brinson, District Administrator
Archived 12/2/2010
The Rev. Bruce Davis
Archived 11/30/2009
Janine Larsen District Executive
Archived 10/12/2010
Rev. Keith Kron
Archived 7/1/2010
Lise Adams Sherry
Director or Religious Education
Archived 6/1/2010
Rev. Elizabeth Greene
PNWD Trustee to UUA Board
Archived 4/1/2010
Diane Brinson, PNWD-UUA Administrator
Archived 3/1/2010
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